Fiskeriet undtaget nordjyske restriktioner

Fiskeriet er undtaget det nye regelsæt for COVID-19 virus fra mink gældende for Nordjylland. Dermed kan fiskene fortsat landes i Danmark.

I forbindelse med de skærpede restriktioner i Nordjylland har Danmarks Fiskeriforening udsendt følgende skrivelse:

Dear all

In addition to the mail regarding special conditions for fishing vessels in Danish Harbors - sent to you 29th October, we hereby inform you about some special conditions and measures which have been imposed in the northern part of Denmark to avoid spread of a special type of COVID-19 virus originating from the production of mink.

A provisional lockdown has been implemented in seven municipalities in the northern and western part of Jutland: Hjørring, Frederikshavn, Brønderslev, Jammer-bugt, Vesthimmerland, Thisted og Læsø. This means that a number of additional measures have been imposed to citizens living and working in that part of Jutland.

However, fisheries activities are not included in the new measures - because derogations have been made for activities related to the food supply.

In other words, the new situation and measures have no impact on the activities of Danish and foreign vessels and fishermen operating in that part of the country.

Special conditions might still exist depending on in which country the foreign fishermen have their home address, but in the case of signing on and off a vessel in Denmark, all fishermen are regarded as being in transit.

So, the conditions on how to operate in Denmark for vessels and fishermen have in fact not changed and remain the same even if some of the measures have been strengthened in that part of Jutland for the local citizens.

But in order to try to get the situation back to "normal" as soon as possible, The Danish Fishermen PO urge everybody to take care, keep distance and to act responsively when staying in port in Denmark or when signing on and off a vessel.

Danish Fishermen has sent the enclosed posters to all its members throughout the country - please feel free to distribute among your members operating in Denmark.

Informationsmateriale til dansk fiskeri